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If you have found Reaching Greater Heights, you may be wondering about the benefits of having an education advocate. Advocates provide support and guidance to parents through the education process of obtaining services for their children. This is especially important for parents of children with disabilities or learning differences. 504 services and Special Education both have requirements that schools must follow when serving children.

I worked for over 12 years in public education. I was a special education teacher and also worked at the district level office supporting schools, parents, and students. If there were issues at a school, I was the person that parents contacted at the district level. I decided to the leave the district to work directly with parents and students.

Many times schools feel defensive when parents bring advocates to meetings. Typically when a parent brings an advocate it’s because they are unhappy with services or the school staff. This is not always the case. Some parents prefer to have someone there that is knowledgeable in the area of special education or learning differences to help guide them through the process. My goal is ensure that students are receiving the services and supports that they need to help them succeed in school. I believe that it is important to maintain a good relationship between the school and the parents and this starts with the first interactions between parents and school staff. Of course, some schools are better at building relationships with parents than others. An advocate can assist when parents feel like they are not an active participant in their child’s education or when their concerns are not being recognized by the school.

Advocates can also be helpful in the beginning when parents are concerned that their child may need additional support and can assist with the process of the initial evaluation. Many parents are unaware that some children can begin receiving services at age 3 and early intervention is crucial!

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. The initial consultation is free.

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